Tokyo, THE return – Episode Three

Shinjuku golden gai

Our third day  in the Japanese capital was the kid’s day focused on a trip to Odaiba, which we knew well but from our childless days. Odaiba is a zone reclaimed from the sea and dominated by malls and parks Japanese-style. Before this visit, we had already visited Odaiba’s fake french village, and witnessed a marriage […]

Tokyo, THE return: Episode Two

nogokiriyama tokyo chiba

Sunday was forecast as a day in the nature. When we lived in Tokyo we often jumped on a train on the weekends so that we could get out into the countryside, be by the seaside or in the mountains to enjoy the different seasons. However, during my “rediscovering Japan through new eyes ” research […]

Tokyo, THE return: Episode One

tokyo sumo training

After living 7 in Tokyo (10 years for Kiwi) and 3 years after having quit Japan, we finally returned for a long weekend.  I love to read the impressions of travelers to Japan, who describe unique aspects of Japan or the Japanese that I used to experienced every day, and I was wondering how we would feel to […]

How to meet the Japanese imperial family

Today, Voyagista reveals her secret on where we can meet the Japanese Imperial Family … For those not familiar with the Japanese Imperial family: today the Emperor has no political power and fills a symbolic role in Japanese society (as it has done at other times in Japan’s history). The Emperor is no longer regarded […]