Skipping the casino crowds in Macau

Macau old town is a world heritage site, which means the place is busy with tourists, especially from the China mainland. However, as soon as you get away from the main tourist area, which starts at Saint Paul’s Ruins and finishes at the Senado Square, you will have a totally different experience. The contrast is […]

Japan – Walking around Tokyo: let me guide you!

Let’s start the day having brunch in Omotesando or going for a picnic in Yoyogi park. Afterwards we head towards Meiji Shrine. Enjoy the serene atmosphere of the most beautiful shrine in Tokyo as the rest of the day is not going to be as quiet… after leaving Meiji to go and see the Dancing […]

Spain – How to sleep like a queen (or king) in Andalusia

When I was organizing our stay in Andalusia I made a great discovery that made our trip really special…the Paradores. The Paradore system of accommodation was created at the beginning of the 20th century to promote tourism in Spain. They are usually very charming hotels in historic buildings such as castles, monasteries, palaces…. as you […]

France – Valgaudemar: the French Himalayas

As you would have noticed, Voyagista likes to get out to the mountains to hike. This summer we couldn’t really manage a trip to the Himalayas but instead went to explore a litlle valley in the south part of the French Alps called Valgaudemar. I imagine most of you have never heard of Valgaudemar – […]

USA – Photogenic Antelope Canyon

Whenever I show my photos of this canyon to fellow travelers I receive the same general response – “this place is amazing!” And it is a naturally spectacular place – there is no need for post-trip photoshop! Antelope Canyon is on Navarro indian land in the state of Arizona. You can’t visit the Upper Canyon […]

Cambodia – Feeling like Indiana Jones at Angkor, still possible?

I recently went back to Angkor: ten years have passed since my first trip and tourism has exploded since then. Some temples get really crowded these days and it means tuk-tuk traffic jams are common place. Is it still possible to feel like an adventurer when you are there like I did on my first […]

Mexico – Tulum: Sea, Temples and Sun

It was in Tulum that we started our one month Mexican family road trip (mum, dad and a one year old) and it was also in Tulum that we went to of the nicest beaches we have experienced on our travels: fine white sand, turquoise blue water and nobody there… a magic place but Tulum […]

Malaysia – Penang, a former british settlement

Penang island was a real discovery for us. Tourism in Georgetown has been booming since it got listed as World Heritage site  back in 2008: the historical center is undergoing continuing renovation but the place doesn’t feel too touristic yet. Here is a few reasons to go and visit Penang (the fact that there is […]

Switzerland – Solothurn and the Magic Number 11

On our way to Alsace from Savoy, we were looking for a nice town to visit to get a quick taste of Switzerland – we found the small town of Solothurn on the route, which is the finest baroque town in Switzerland with some French Flair due to its history as a diplomatic post for […]

Taiwan – Traveling deep into Taroko

Despite many years living not far away we had not yet been to Taiwan – we decided to remedy this by finally going as a family to discover the gorges of Taroko on the east coast of the island. In Taroko, the most accessible of the scenic spots are packed with busloads of tourists, therefore it is advisable […]