At the top of New Zealand: Northland

cape reinga

A benefit of being married to a Kiwi is that I get to visit New Zealand at a leisurely pace, discovering one area each time we go down under… This New Zealand summer we toured Northland, more specifically the “Far North” of Northland on the North Island. As the name suggests it is the top […]

Australia – Pinnacles of nature

The real “outback” starts north of Perth, which ou means you drive for miles through an unchanging landscape hoping that a kangaroo might jump out of nowhere to alleviate the boredom. Fortunately there are some nice breaks along the way and the Namburg National Park is one of them: this forest of limestone monoliths standing […]

New-Zealand – Whangamumu Whaling Station

We were looking for an  afternoon walk for the family and came across a map at the tourist office offering a whaling station. After driving out from Russell, we started the walk by crossing a farm and then wandered into some bush as we started to climb – so far a fairly typical walk for New […]