Japan – Enjoying the sunrise over Mount Fuji from Japan’s second tallest mountain

Japan, unlike the image of flat urban sprawl that most people have, is a very rugged country with 73% of the country covered by mostly uninhabited mountains. Most people know Japan’s most famous and tallest mountain, Mount Fuji, but a lot less can name the second tallest moutain in Japan: Kita dake – it’s 3,193 meters tall and […]

Is it still possible to really enjoy Halong Bay?

Often, when I travel to locations in Asia, I feel that I have arrived there too late… The ever-increasing number of tourists is not always well managed, damaging the environment, atmosphere and the beauty of the sites. I think this is the case in Halong Bay. To try and avoid being disappointed (and also because […]

Saikung is little Thailand in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not just an urban jungle – 70% of the land is actually countryside and 41% is national park land, and this is true since 1960! This makes Hong Kong one of the easiest big cities in the world for you to escape into nature. We recently went to one of our favourite […]

Voyagista dining out at… Les Morainieres, Savoy, France

Today is the first article in Voyagista’s Dining Out section and the first venue is “our restaurant”, which we always visit each time we are back in Savoy. We have been to Les Morainieres every year since it opened and have witnessed it developing into a very successful restaurant: we were there when it got its first […]

Kota Kinabalu on the beaten path

We usually avoid resort hotels but this time we just wanted to spend a few days taking it easy with the children in a convenient place – we were still looking for a new destination but it needed to be close to Hong Kong and have a decent swimming pool and kids club. This is […]

Our own little island paradise in the Philippines

Did you know that the Philippines is made up of 7107 islands? On our recent trip there, we managed to enjoy only eight of them but they were all very special! One of the islands we slept on was the smallest we had ever been to and actually it isn’t even a real island – […]

Italy – Palermo: as good as the rest of Sicily?

Palermo was the last stop on our wonderful Sicily tour. However, we were a bit anxious about driving into the city as Palermo’s reputation for chaotic traffic meant we were wondering if we were going to make it to the end of the trip without getting completely lost or having an accident! In the end […]

Burma – head to Bagan before it’s too late

When you hear of Bagan, the same image is often offered – an image of a huge plain of temples that is bathed in an incredible light at sunset… this does sounds a little cliché but that’s really the way it is: the views are truly unforgetable. Arriving from Mandalay by boat in the late […]