Who is Voyagista?

Welcome to Voyagista!

DSC_0036I love to travel, and as much as possible I try and take myself and my family off the beaten path: even in the more popular tourist places around the world I have found there are opportunities to get away from the crowds and have unique experiences in these wonderful locations. Voyagista shares these experiences with you. I spend a lot of time researching my trips and I hope that I can share my knowledge with you to help you manage your trips to new and interesting destinations!

I have called Asia my home for many years (7 years in Japan and Hong Kong for 3 years) so you will find there is a strong oriental flavor to Voyagista’s travel, spiced with some excursions to other continents. The articles cover recent travels and some that are now old postcards, some that are backpacker experiences and some that are more comfortable family trips. I offer insight into famous tourist destinations, and others that are less well known, and offer a selection of my own photos that shows the attraction of all of them. You will find little Voyagista tips in the articles to make the traveling experience more memorable at these destinations. I travel a lot with my family, which includes me (French), my Kiwi husband, plus Little-G (4 years old) and Little-A (18 months), so my tips include help on traveling with little ones to the various destinations.

For French speakers, you can find the French version of Voyagista at voyagista.fr.



I haven’t had time to describe all my travels (yet) on my blog, so below is a quick list of my previous destinations – if you have questions on traveling to any of these places (plus Japan and Hong Kong of course), do not hesitate to ask me!

1999 – Morocoo

2001 – Portugal

2002 – Scotland, Cambodia, Thailand et Spain (Catalonia)

2003 – Ireland and Turkey

2004 – China (From Beijing to Xian), Hawai

2005 – Burma and  New-Zealand (Fjordland)

2006 – Shanghai, Bali, South Italy

2007 – National Park in Western USA

2008 – Western Australia, Namibia, Spain (Andalucia)

2009 – Vietnam (North and Center), New Zealand (North island)

2010 – Bali and Mexico (Yucatan, Campeche, Oaxaca, Puebla and Mexico city)

2011 – China (Guilin and Fujian), Sicily, Singapour, Malaysia (Penang and Langkawi) and Cambodia

2012 – China (Yunnan), Taiwan, Indonesia (Java) and Philippines (Visayas)

2013 – New Zealand (Northland), China (Tibetan Yunnan, Guangzhou and Hunan), Switzerland (Bernese Oberland), Philippines, Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu), Japan (Tokyo) and Laos



All the photos on the blog are taken by me and I have been using a Nikon for my travels – first, a Nikon D90, and more recently, a Nikon D7100.

If you want to use any of my pictures please contact me – in general you can use them as long as you mention where they are sourced from!

Happy reading and do not hesitate to contact me or leave comments regarding my travels and your travels.





  1. Un très beau blog ! Je te suis avec attention 🙂 Bonne continuation !

  2. BRAVO pour l’initiative, c’est superbe! x Bea

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