Swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines

Whale Shark Oslob Philippines

Our relationship with whale sharks has been off and on… our first attempt to build something took place at Coral Bay, Western Australia. We had done everything we could to make it work: we went during the good season (March to June) and we used a boat that had a very high success rate for […]

Our own little island paradise in the Philippines

Did you know that the Philippines is made up of 7107 islands? On our recent trip there, we managed to enjoy only eight of them but they were all very special! One of the islands we slept on was the smallest we had ever been to and actually it isn’t even a real island – […]

Philippines – Discovering of the Bohol tarsier

tarsier bohol

  Have you ever heard of a tarsier? Before coming to Bohol, we certainly had never heard of it … but once you reach the island they are hard to miss. You see them everywhere: on billboards, on postcards, included in the tours of Bohol so what is it? It is the smallest primate in […]