Switzerland – Solothurn and the Magic Number 11

On our way to Alsace from Savoy, we were looking for a nice town to visit to get a quick taste of Switzerland – we found the small town of Solothurn on the route, which is the finest baroque town in Switzerland with some French Flair due to its history as a diplomatic post for France. Solothurn seemed the perfect place to visit and stretch the legs.

We had never heard of Solothurn before and I wonder why not. The historical center is charming and pedestrian. We took a family walk in the old town to see the 11 churches, 11 fountains, 11 chapels ….  and even a clock in town stops at number 11, quite an obsession! The little town is tidy just like everything else in Switerzland and the fountains are really memorable. The kids (and adults) will also be entertained  by the mechanised jacquemart ringing the bell on the square.

After strolling around and before getting back in the car, pick one of the cafe terraces and have a drink or an ice-cream. It was a nice way for us to finish the visit.

Voyagista’s Tips

  • Check out the comprehensive Swiss tourist office website as well as Solothurn’s, especially if you want to take a tour of the town
  • If you need to park your car, an underground parking lot is located at one of the entrances of the old town

We didn’t have enough time to go and see Weissenstien, Did you go? Did you like it?

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