Voyagista likes to dine…. at LPW in Hong Kong

liberty private works hong kong

Amadai, Clam, Fennel and Chorizo

Liberty Private Works (LPW for those in the know) is a well-known and well-liked restaurant in Hong Kong especially for a couples night out…. and our wedding anniversary was a great opportunity for us to return to LPW. If you are passing through Hong Kong and have a special occasion to celebrate, this is the perfect spot.

liberty private works hong kong

Crab, Tomato, Peach and Coriander

The chef is a local, who grew up in the USA and returned to open up his restaurant. It is known as a “private kitchen”, which is a fashionable restaurant nomenclature in Hong Kong, but it is really somewhere between a HK private kitchen and the standard restaurant set up we are all familiar with.

liberty private works hong kong

Tuna, Sea Urchin, Espelette and Rice

The restaurant seating is at a U shaped counter, which acts as a grandstand for the food preparation action in the center that will keep you entertained.The fixed menu consists of eight plates of decent size. The ingredients are taken from around Asia and then prepared Western style – a very interesting mix of food supported by unorthodox and decorative plates.

liberty private works hong kong

Wagyu, Onion, Chanterelles and Sherry

To make you salivate a bit, a little insight into our menu for the night: we particularly liked the parmesan and truffle egg, which is a menu regular, as well as the Wagyu beef with citron, cucumber, mint and olive oil.

liberty private works hong kong


liberty private works hong kong

Egg, Truffle, Parmesan and Caviar

liberty private works hong kong

Citrus, Cucumber, Mint and Olive Oil

What to do in the area?

LPW is in the heart of Central and after dining you can head out to Lan Kwai Fong – it is always New Years Eve here!

What to choose?

You can’t choose, the menu is fixed. However, you can ask to change a plate if there is something you can’t stomach on the menu. There is also an option for wine pairing.


Voyagista’s Tips


  • Reservations are taken directly on their web site. Bookings open a month in advance and if you want to come at the end of the week best you reserve the day that bookings open.

  • Only open in the evenings and reservations are fixed at 730pm or 830pm. I recommend 730pm if you want to get out and about in town because eight plates can take a long time!

  • The fixed menu is not changed often: two signature plates are always there and only one or two plates change each month so give it a few months before returning.

  • The counter is good for a couple or a small group.


Practical Information.

Internet: http://www.lpw.hk/en/

Address: 26F Stanley 11, 11 Stanley Street, Central. Tel: 51863282

Menu is 900 HKD for the eight plates and wine pairing is 680 HKD


What is your favorite restaurant for celebrating special occasions?

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