Australia – Pinnacles of nature

The real “outback” starts north of Perth, which ou means you drive for miles through an unchanging landscape hoping that a kangaroo might jump out of nowhere to alleviate the boredom. Fortunately there are some nice breaks along the way and the Namburg National Park is one of them: this forest of limestone monoliths standing in the desert has been named the Pinnacles. We enjoyed the park loop by car and we had to stop for numerous photos breaks -there is really something for everyone even if you have only a tiny bit of imagination: animal forms, human heads, phallic symbols Unfortunately the time comes when you have to hit the road again to reach the next destination, 400km away … The drive in Western Australia can be very long indeed.

Voyagista’s tips

  • You can sleep in the town of Cervantes next to The Pinnacles and leave the next day for Kalbarri Park
  • The Pinnacles are not the only attraction of the Cervantes area, you can also enjoy the beautiful beaches and dunes of the region

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