Indonesia – My heart is torn between Prambanan and Plaosan

Prambanan is one of the highlights of Central Java, but I really wasn’t quite sure of what to expect:

First impressions: this reminds me of Angkor Wat … and it is so hot … and all seats in the shade are taken!

Second impressions: these temples are impressive with their beautiful friezes and this cow made of stone is so lovely!

Third impressions: I’m glad we are here without the crowds and there is the Merapi! we can see it clearly today!

Fourth impressions: This temple doesn’t feel very stable, which explains why we got helmets… although if that stone buddha falls on my head it wou’nt help much.

Conclusion: You can’t skip Prambanan, especially when you have come such a long way, but I have to admit that I enjoyed a great deal visiting the small Plaosan temple close by. We were the only ones there at the time. The entrance fee is just a donation. Of course the site is not as impressive as Prambanan but it has a special feel and is my favorite site in the Prambanan area!

Voyagista’s tips

  • Prambanan is located 18 km from Yogyakarta
  • I would recommend to come early or late in the day and avoid the heat of midday
  • You can take a small train to reach the ruins located at the other side of the site
  • Take the opportunity to visit Plaosan and take a stroll in the small village by the temple


  1. Such a lovely place!
    I would like to visit this place one day.

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