Philippines – Discovering of the Bohol tarsier


Le Tarsier de Bohol
Have you ever heard of a tarsier? Before coming to Bohol, we certainly had never heard of it … but once you reach the island they are hard to miss. You see them everywhere: on billboards, on postcards, included in the tours of Bohol so what is it? It is the smallest primate in the world. The tarsier struggles in a world overpopulated by humans and they don’t survive well in captivity either. However there is the sanctuary of Corella where they can live in a wild habitat but protected from predators We went for a small walk in the forest, where the guide pointed out the famous but shy tarsiers: what everybody told us is true, they are really tiny and very cute!

Voyagista’s tips

  • Go to “the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary” in Corella to see them in their habitat.
  • The tarsier is a nocturnal animal, so during your visit during the day don’t expect them to swinging from the treetops.
  • Guides spot as many of the tarsiers as they can each morning, so you don’t know in advance how many you will be able to see that day. They direct you to the ones they find and make sure you don’t disturb them too much.


  1. […] The first thing to go and see is the local star: the tarsier. It is the smallest primate in the world and is very cute, but it is unfortunately a victim of its popularity and they are struggling with habitat loss. Tarsiers are shy and don’t live well in captivity but there are opportunities to go and see them in their natural habitat (in reserves) like we did. I’m sure, like us, you are going to fall in love with their huge eyes! […]

  2. […] a great place for us to meet new animals : after the whale sharks the next introduction was to the tarsier. […]

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