Our own little island paradise in the Philippines


Did you know that the Philippines is made up of 7107 islands? On our recent trip there, we managed to enjoy only eight of them but they were all very special! One of the islands we slept on was the smallest we had ever been to and actually it isn’t even a real island – The Nalusuan Island Resort is a one hectare artificial island build on a sand bank that hosts a marine sanctuary. This little island paradise is very easy to reach – located just offshore from the city of Cebu, which has a significant airport.

To get there you need to rent a banca boat – the banca is a symbol of the Phillippines and you see it everywhere! We fully enjoyed the ride out, which included some snorkeling and lunching on another little island with the locals. We finally got to Nalusuan in the late afternoon, which was perfect as it was very peaceful – any visitors that come snorkeling during the day has already departed. The boat dropped us at the end of a very long (and photogenic) jetty.

On arrival, we wasted no time in jumping in the water for a swim. While our Little G was feeding the fishes we were admiring them under water… we were surrounded in no time by a variety of aquatic wildlife.

As night fell, we settled into our little bungalow and admired the stars appearing over the sea from our balcony. After a simple dinner and while Little A and little G slept we enjoyed some more quiet time on the balcony looking across to the lights of Cebu on the horizon. We were close to civilization but it felt very peaceful…a good start to our island holiday!

Only 7104 islands in the Phillippines left for us to visit…


Voyagista’s tips

  • Nalusuan can get quite busy during the day as a lot of people are interested in the snorkeling opportunities, but at night the island is empty and it seems you have it all to yourselves.

  • Do not expect luxury, the bungalows are really simple and the food a similar quality. Most of the rooms do not have aircon but the sea breeze is enough to cool you down.

  • To get to Nalusuan, book a banca with the hotel or with an agency.

 Have you been to Philippines? Any hidden island gems to recommend?

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