Switzerland – Wengen, a summer paradise for the kids

wengen children

Switzerland at its best

Wengen is a marvelous place and it is even more so if you have kids to entertain: there is a lot to keep them busy. If you thought it is much better to be in the mountains in winter (like me) I will offer you some reasons to think otherwise:

 1. Wengen is a car-free village: Little A didn’t yet know the concept of a pathway while we were on this holiday and he enjoys wandering off path, which was fine in Wengen because it is nearly completely pedestrian.

 2. The restaurants in these altitudes have great play areas for the kids, which meant we could have our daily rosti in peace. Our favorite spot was in Wingeregg, which had a very well designed kids’ area to keep the children occupied.

3. Little G and Little A adore cows and so one early morning we took a visit to a little local farm. The visit included breakfast of fresh and (very) local ingredients from the farm’s animals in the barn, where we all sat down before and after admiring (and patting) the cows – it was a great success. Who said that our kids were townies?

4. When we think of mountains in summer, we think of hiking and here it is very easy: the small trains plying their trade up and down the mountains (just as interesting to the kids as the cows) take you directly to easy walks that offer spectacular panoramic views.

5. I tested Felix Weg with Little G. There were no “i’m tiiiired” or “when do we arrive?”, only me letting Little G know that “Felix won’t disappear if we walk a bit slower” and “eight times on the flying fox is enough”.  During the walk, we followed the sign of Felix the Rabbit to stations that offered a variety of interesting activities: learn how to milk a cow, play the Alphorn, look through the binoculars, rock climb…

swiss national day wengen

6. The Swiss National Day (August 1) is an opportunity to experience concerts of cow bells, alphorns and choral singing plus view fireworks. Little G found them all super interesting but probably it was the Wengen bouncy castle that made him the most happy.

wengen lauterbrunnen

Views on Lauterbrunnen

Voyagista’s Tips

  •  The train passes in the area are free for kids until 6 years old and there is a big reduction for under 15s.

  • The visit and breakfast at the farm is offered on Tuesday mornings and you can sign up at the Wengen Tourist Office the evening before (at the latest). The visit includes learning by demonstration how the local cheese is made.

  •  For walks in the area suitable for kids see my article: “The top 5 easy and panoramic walks of the Bern Oberland”.

  •  I recommend to do the Felix Weg walk on the descent otherwise the climb might exhaust the kids before they can put all their energy into the activities.

… if you are now not convinced of the attractiveness of Wengen with kids I am sorely disappointed!

 Do you visit the mountains in the summer? With or without kids?

eiger north face

Eiger North Face

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