Voyagista dining out at… Les Morainieres, Savoy, France

Les Morainieres-10

Today is the first article in Voyagista’s Dining Out section and the first venue is “our restaurant”, which we always visit each time we are back in Savoy. We have been to Les Morainieres every year since it opened and have witnessed it developing into a very successful restaurant: we were there when it got its first Michelin star, then its second one… we are like proud parents and we love the yearly tradition of having lunch at Les Morainieres.

At Les Morainieres the food is inventive and full of taste: the dishes successfully emphasise the natural taste of the ingredients. The dishes are always amazingly decorated and you can enjoy them on a very nice terrace with a view over the Rhone river, surrounded by vineyards in this beautiful area of Savoy.
This year again we had an amazing experience there and I already want to book my table for next year!

What can you see in the area?

If you are coming from Chambery go through the Col du Chat to enjoy a beautiful vista over Lake Bourget. If you are in a hurry you can take the tunnel but do take the first road on your right when you exit the tunnel: this road to Jongieux is very pretty.
After lunch you can go and visit Hautecombe Abbey but do not forget to stop on your way at Ontex to enjoy the lake panorama and the abbey below

Voyagista’s tips

  • I like going there for lunch to enjoy the view and then to be able to spend some time this area of Savoy
  • Do not forget to book, it’s very popular
  • You want to try a Savoy wine? I recommend the Marestel of Domaine Noel Dupasquier

What to choose?

I always go for one of the set menus and I have never been disappointed. The menu is only in French so either you test  your knowledge of French or you just trust them and go for a menu, you won’t be disappointed
 Menu for lunch during the week is 48 Euros
 Menu “découverte” at 68 Euros
 Menu “confiance” at 95 Euros

Good to know

Les morainieres is in Savoy no far from Chambery or Aix les Bains
Les Morainières, Route de Materel, 731730 Jongieux.
Phone: 04 79 44 09 39

Do you know this place? Do you like it?


  1. gorgeous photos! i love your blog and especially the name of it! XOXO


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