Saikung is little Thailand in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is not just an urban jungle – 70% of the land is actually countryside and 41% is national park land, and this is true since 1960! This makes Hong Kong one of the easiest big cities in the world for you to escape into nature.

We recently went to one of our favourite places in Hong Kong: Sai Kung. You have two options to get to Sai Kung from central parts of Hong Kong: by sea or over mountain. On this particular day we went for the sea option by a Hong Kong junk boat.




The junk boat concept is very popular here: you rent a boat for the day with a group of friends to explore, swim, eat, drink, sunbath… a very pleasant day that gets even better once you arrive in Sai Kung because the views can be stunning.

Our principal destination for the day was Long Ke Wan and to reach Long Ke Wan you need to go through the Hong Kong Geopark. By sea, you can see amazing rock formations that date back 140 million years. They were made by a mix of lava, rocks and volcanic ash that cooled down and contracted. The result is impressive rock columns that fall into the sea.

Admittedly,  the water is not as transparent here like at some of the fabled asian beaches but the landscape are just as beautiful as places I have seen in Thailand, especially at sunset. Check it out for yourselves!


Voyagista’s Tips

  • It is better to organize a big group for a junk trip so you can split the cost of a decent boat.  I recommend you “Jaspa’s Junk” if you can get the numbers: nice boat, food and service and they can also organize the transfer from Hong Kong Island for you.

  • For smaller groups, the Hong Kong tourism office can organize some boat tours, you can find information here

  • You can also explore Sai Kung hiking…  blog article with my Sai Kung hiking tips to come!

What about you, what is your favourite hidden part in Hong Kong? What would you recommend?



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