My photo collection of Yunnan’s ethnic minorities.

Ethnic Minority in Yunnan

Ethnic Minority in Yunnan

I want to share with you some more of my photos and as I have recently presented quite a bit about Yunnan (Shaxi, Lijiang and the Songstam Lodges) I want to present some of the photos I took of different ethnic minorities you can find in Yunnan.

In Yunnan, unlike most of China where most people a Han Chinese, one third of the people living in Yunnan belong to one of the 25 minorities there (very diverse considering there are a total of 56 in all of China). This makes Yunnan very interesting for taking pictures of the locals and even if you are not a photographer it’s very interesting just to see the ethnic diversity that exists in China.

Between Dali and Lijiang we mainly met Bai, Yi, Lisu and Naxi minority peoples. Here are some of the pictures… (click on the picture to get the diaporama going)

Voyagista’s tips

If you want a good place to meet the minorities, here are three markets I went to:

  • Xizhou market, which is close to Dali and the most touristic of the three

  • Also close to Dali you can find the Zhoucheng market. The market square is very pretty with an old theater. You can also go to Tacheng market (on mondays) not far away.

  • Do not miss the Shaxi market (if you are there on a Friday) as a lot of minority peoples of the area gather here

Do you like those pictures? Which one do you prefer?

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