Switzerland: Truemmelbach, Lauterbrunnen’s hidden mountain waterfall

Lauterbrunnen waterfall

You are on a summer holiday in the Swiss mountains… and it is raining. Two grandparents, two parents and two  kids locked up inside for the day isn’t going to end well… but the options for escape are limited. However, Voyagista has a plan and it involves more precipitation: A visit to a powerful waterfall cascading through the valley mountain rock called Truemmelbach. 

Of course, I thought my idea was fantastic but I still had to win the support of a simple majority in a house of skeptics.

 Grandfather: “Are you sure it’s worth it?”

Kiwi: “if you like…”

Little G:  “is it scary?”

Truemmelbach Waterfall

 My motivational speech included quoting from a famous guide book, which rated the waterfall 3 stars (out of 3)… but it also mentioned you could get quite wet there. No problem,  given the rain we would be all wearing our raining coats anyway!

The majority reached, we were soon on the train down to the Lauterbrunnen valley, the most beautiful valley of the area with a grand selection of 57 waterfalls. On a rainy day they are spectacular, and with a little bit of fog it can be quite mysterious too.

Truemmelbach Waterfall

On arrival at Truemmelbach, we took the elevator into the mountain. From there you can walk further inside the mountain by following the caves carved out of the rock by the water. The water power was so strong on the day we visited that some areas were totally inundated and closed and in the areas open you could still easily get quite wet. It was very difficult to take any pictures with water spray flying everywhere but to give you a better idea of the power of the water you can watch my smartphone footage.

During the second part of the visit, which is outside the mountain face, we walked back down to the start of the elevator. Here you can also experience the formidable power of the water and the “corkscrew” is not to be missed. We finished out waterfall adventure at the charming coffee shop at the entrance of the site.

This geological phenomenon is impressively beautiful so if you are in the valley make sure to come and experience it!

Thankfully, the weather forecast for the next day was bright sun… I don’t think I could have found another activity as good as this one!!!

Lauterbrunnen Valley

Voyagista’s tips

  • The waterfall is open from April to November, the entrance costs 11CHF for adults and 4CHF for children. Make sure you have some change, they don’t take credit cards

  • The coffee shop, at the entrance of the site, is located in a very pretty old house and the cakes there are pretty good. The view from the terrace on the waterfalls is very nice.

  • Children younger than 3/4 years are not allowed to enter because the place is quite noisy and the ceiling is low which makes it difficult to carry them. Little A had to wait for us at the coffee shop and we took turns to visit.

  • Better visited on a rainy day to appreciate the power of the water


  1. I am interested in what rail pass (or Pass) you bought (and recommend to buy) while you were in Switzerland. Thank you.

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