Mexico – The Pirates of Campeche

doors campeche

It has been a long time since pirates threatened the fortified walls of Campeche but you can still experience this époque through the town’s well preserved architecture of the period. The streets of Campeche are lined by brightly colored houses of the period accompanied by their owner’s humbug volkswagens of every hue. For us, Campeche is also a town of pidgeons that kept Little G and the local kids entertained, and of vanishing socks during the launder of our clothes. It was a calm place and we felt at ease here. There are towns that are very photogenic and Campeche, a town of colors, is one of these. Take some time and soak up the rainbow town of Campeche…

streets of campeche

streets of campeche


Voyagista Tips


  • If you want to try one of the Starwood Group’s Mexican Haciendas, the Hacienda Puerta Campeche is located in the old town of Campeche. For fans of architecture, in particular Spanish colonial architecture, this Hacienda is superbly renovated with a very nice pool to go with it. As with the other hacienda hotels it is possible to experience the charm over lunch or dinner without staying.

  • Chocol Ha is a very nice small cafe for savoring a mug of hot chocolate and there is more on offer than just the cocoa drinks. Note that the cafe only opens at the beginning of the evening.

  • For a drink overlooking the main square head to Casa Vieja de los Arcos

  • Climb the fortified wall ramparts for a good view over the town

streets of campeche

Walking in Campeche

campeche map

Did you stop at Campeche on your Mexican journey?

World Heritage Spotlight: Historic Fortified Town of Campeche

streets of campecheCampeche is a typical example of a harbour town from the Spanish colonial period in the New World. The historic centre has kept its outer walls and system of fortifications, designed to defend this Caribbean port against attacks from the sea.

My thoughts: I loved Campeche. I highly recommend you take a day to to walk around the town and soak up the atmosphere!


  1. Wow, the colors are just so vivid and beautiful!

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