Italy – Palermo: as good as the rest of Sicily?

Palermo was the last stop on our wonderful Sicily tour. However, we were a bit anxious about driving into the city as Palermo’s reputation for chaotic traffic meant we were wondering if we were going to make it to the end of the trip without getting completely lost or having an accident! In the end […]

Spain – How to sleep like a queen (or king) in Andalusia

When I was organizing our stay in Andalusia I made a great discovery that made our trip really special…the Paradores. The Paradore system of accommodation was created at the beginning of the 20th century to promote tourism in Spain. They are usually very charming hotels in historic buildings such as castles, monasteries, palaces…. as you […]

France – Valgaudemar: the French Himalayas

As you would have noticed, Voyagista likes to get out to the mountains to hike. This summer we couldn’t really manage a trip to the Himalayas but instead went to explore a litlle valley in the south part of the French Alps called Valgaudemar. I imagine most of you have never heard of Valgaudemar – […]

USA – Photogenic Antelope Canyon

Whenever I show my photos of this canyon to fellow travelers I receive the same general response – “this place is amazing!” And it is a naturally spectacular place – there is no need for post-trip photoshop! Antelope Canyon is on Navarro indian land in the state of Arizona. You can’t visit the Upper Canyon […]

Mexico – Tulum: Sea, Temples and Sun

It was in Tulum that we started our one month Mexican family road trip (mum, dad and a one year old) and it was also in Tulum that we went to of the nicest beaches we have experienced on our travels: fine white sand, turquoise blue water and nobody there… a magic place but Tulum […]

Switzerland – Solothurn and the Magic Number 11

On our way to Alsace from Savoy, we were looking for a nice town to visit to get a quick taste of Switzerland – we found the small town of Solothurn on the route, which is the finest baroque town in Switzerland with some French Flair due to its history as a diplomatic post for […]

Spain – Cordoba has the grand Mezquita but has also more to offer

I knew of Cordoba because of the Mezquita so we decided to sleep just in front of the church to make sure we could make it to the opening. However that meant my New Zealand husband, who is used to more space on roads, had to deal with maneuvering our car through the maze of […]

Australia – Pinnacles of nature

The real “outback” starts north of Perth, which ou means you drive for miles through an unchanging landscape hoping that a kangaroo might jump out of nowhere to alleviate the boredom. Fortunately there are some nice breaks along the way and the Namburg National Park is one of them: this forest of limestone monoliths standing […]

New-Zealand – Whangamumu Whaling Station

We were looking for an  afternoon walk for the family and came across a map at the tourist office offering a whaling station. After driving out from Russell, we started the walk by crossing a farm and then wandered into some bush as we started to climb – so far a fairly typical walk for New […]